Huawei NE40E-X8 Router is a high-end network product launched by Huawei. This model is mainly used in enterprise WAN core nodes, large enterprise access nodes, campus interconnection & convergence nodes and other edge locations of large IDC networks. The aggregation router products cooperate with networking to form a complete structure and clear-layer IP network solution.

Model Switching Capacity Forwarding Performance MPU Slots SFU Slots LPU Slots Dimensions (H x W x D) Maximum Power Consumption Weight in Full Configuration
NetEngine40E-X8 7.08 Tbit/s 2880 Mpps 2 3 8 620  x 442  x 650 mm (14 U) 2340 W (120G) 4100 W (240G) 119 kg (120G) 136 kg (240G)

Huawei NE40E-X8 Router Product Overview

Huawei NetEngine40E-X8 Router adopts Huawei’s self-developed Solar series NP chip, based on CLOS distributed multi-level switching architecture, adopts distributed hardware forwarding and non-blocking switching technology, has good wire-speed forwarding performance, excellent scalability, perfect QoS mechanism and powerful Business processing capabilities. Huawei NetEngine40E-X8 Router is based on the latest scalable 2T platform. Each slot provides a maximum of 2T routing line cards, which are compatible with existing network line cards, which protects customers’ investments to the greatest extent. NetEngine40E has strong convergence access capabilities. Therefore, Huawei NetEngine40E-X8 Router can be flexibly applied to the edges and cores of IP / MPLS networks. It can simplify the network structure, provide a wealth of service types and reliable service quality. It is an IP / MPLS bearer network that is broadband, secure, business-oriented and intelligent An important source of development.

Huawei NE40E-X8 Router Product Pictures


Huawei NE40E-X16A Router YCICT NE40 X16AHuawei NE40E-X16A Router YCICT NE40 ROUTER PRICE

Huawei NE40E-X8 Router Product Specifications

Parameters NetEngine40E-X16A NetEngine40E-X16 NetEngine40E-X8A NetEngine40E-X8 NetEngine40E-X3A NetEngine40E-X3
Switching Capacity 81.92 Tbit/s 12.58 Tbit/s 51.2 Tbit/s 7.08 Tbit/s 2.76 Tbit/s 1.08 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 14,464 Mpps 5760 Mpps 7232 Mpps 2880 Mpps 1071 Mpps 540 Mpps
MPU Slots 2 2 2 2 2 2
SFU Slots 4 4 4 3 / /
LPU Slots 16 16 8 8 3 3
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1778  x 442  x 650 mm (40 U) 1420  x 442  x 650 mm (32 U) 930  x 442  x 650 mm (21 U) 620  x 442  x 650 mm (14 U) 264  x 442  x 664 mm (6 U) 175  x 442  x 650 mm (DC 4 U)
220  x 442  x 650 mm (AC 5 U)
Maximum Power Consumption 9040 W (480G) 4610 W (120G) 4770 W (480G) 2340 W (120G) 600 W (200G) 920 W (DC)
7970 W (240G) 4100 W (240G) 1070 W (AC)
Weight in Full Configuration 356 kg (480G) 246 kg (120G) 186 kg (480G) 119 kg (120G) 75 kg (200G) 42 kg (DC)
279 kg (240G) 136 kg (240G) 52 kg (AC)

Huawei NE40E-X8 Router Product Features

Commercially available SDN capabilities

Huawei NetEngine40E-X8 Router is based on the innovative SDN architecture design, which can solve problems that traditional networks cannot completely solve, such as uneven network traffic load, low bandwidth utilization, and network topology recalculations that affect network convergence efficiency. Atomic router solution based on SDN architecture, supporting OAM technologies such as RFC2544, IP FPM, TWAMP, Y.1731, etc., to achieve real-time measurement of service quality and rapid fault location Atomic router is the industry’s smallest router based on Huawei’s self-developed chip innovation.

Comprehensive virtualization features

Huawei NetEngine40E-X8 Router supports multiple virtualization features, including:

A multi-virtual one virtual cluster virtualizes multiple routers into one logical router, reducing the number of network elements and effectively reducing network operation and maintenance costs. One virtual router, which virtualizes one router into multiple logical routers, isolates resources between logical routers, ensuring that the resources occupied by services are reliable.

Green design concept

NetEngine40E adopts self-developed Solar chip design, which is reliable and safe, supports dynamic allocation and management of multi-core NP resources, automatically closes redundant or unused ports, buses, chips and other resources, and combines dynamic frequency regulation and intelligent fan speed regulation technology to greatly reduce the power consumption of the device is less than 1W per G.

Huawei NE40E-X8 Router Ordering Info

BOM Number Order Name Description
02350REH CR5P08BASD79 NE40E-X8 Basic Configuration (Including NE40E-X8
Chassis, 2+1 Redundant 200G SRU/SFU, 4 DC
Power, without Software Charge and Document)
02350REJ CR5P08BASA75 NE40E-X8 Basic Configuration (Including NE40E-X8 Chassis, 2+1 Redundant 200G SRU/SFU,4 AC Power, without Software Charge and Document)
2351930 CR5B0BKP0870 NE40E-X8 Integrated Chassis Components
(Including 4 DC Power)
3057054 CR5D0SRUB570 Switch and Route Processing Unit B5
3053548 CR5DSFUIE07C 200Gbps Switch Fabric Unit C(SFUI-200-C)
02351AFJ CR5P08BASA7H NE40E-X8 Basic Configuration (Including NE40E-X8
Chassis, 2+1 Redundant 200G SRU/SFU,4 AC
Power(Power Cords Cable), without Software
Charge and Document)

Huawei NE40E-X8 Router Product Applications

Huawei NE40E-X8A Router YCICT Huawei NE40E-X8A Router PRICE Huawei NE40E-X8A Router SPECS NEW AND ORIGIANL