Huawei OSN8800-T64 is the OTN high-end product with the largest service configuration capacity and the highest equipment integration in the current transmission network NG WDM product family. The service characteristics of the product determine that the equipment is different from the previous 300-depth equipment such as OptiX OSN 6800 and OptiX OSN 8800 T32 in terms of form factor, handling weight, power distribution, cable routing, and equipment installation.

Huawei OSN8800-T64 Product Overview

Huawei OSN8800-T64 is mainly used in national trunks, regional/provincial trunks and metropolitan areas. It is based on large-capacity OTN scheduling capabilities. Huawei OSN8800 optical transceiver integrates ROADM, T-bit electrical crossover, 100M -100G full-grain scheduling, photoelectric intelligent ASON, 40G/100G transmission, rich management and protection, etc., can build an end-to-end OTN/WDM backbone transmission solution for operators to achieve large-capacity scheduling and ultra-wideband intelligent transmission.

Huawei OSN8800-T64 can be built into a complete OTN end-to-end network, or can be built with OptiX BWS1600G, OptiX OSN1800, OptiX OSN6800, and can also be mixed with NG-SDH/PTN or data communication equipment. Achieve a complete delivery solution. Taking the large-capacity OTN dispatching capability and long-distance wavelength division characteristics as the basic characteristics, it integrates ROADM, T-bit electrical crossover, 100M~100G full-particle dispatching, photoelectric linkage intelligence, 10G/40G/100G, rich management and protection and other functions. Build an end-to-end OTNWDM backbone transmission solution for customers to achieve multi-service, large-capacity, and fully transparent transmission functions.

Huawei OSN8800-T64 Product Pictures


Huawei OSN8800-T64 YCICT Huawei OSN8800-T64 PRICE AND SPECS OSN 8800 SERIES Huawei OSN8800-T64 YCICT Huawei OSN8800-T64 PRICE AND SPECS HUAWEI OSN6800 OSN3500 OSN8800 TN13ST2 TN13ST2-002 02311BWD ST2

Huawei OSN8800-T64 Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Specifications OSN 8800 T64
Dimensions (mm) 900 (H) × 498 (W) × 580 (D)
Number of card-slot 64
Wavelength 80
Mount method ETSI 300/600cabinet, 23-inch rack
Operating temperature -5°C~45°C
Cooling Fan Cooling
Humidity 10~90%
Power Input DC: –48/–60V
Switch Optical 2/4/9-degree ROADM
Electrical 2.56T/6.4T ODUk(k=0,1,2,2e,3,flex),
1.28T VC4 & 80G VC3&VC12
Wavelength range 192.1THz ~ 196.05THz (Band-C, ITU-T G.694.1)
Max. rate per channel 100Gbit/s (OTU-4)
Reach Max. 350km(81dB)
Client Interface Type STM-1/4/16/64/256
Any services at a rate ranging from 100Mbit/s to 100Gbit/s
Fiber G.652, G.653, G.654, G.655
Connector SFP/XFP, LC/PC
Line interface Type OTU-1/OTU-2/OUT-3
Fiber G.652, G.653, G.654, G.655
Connector SFP/XFP, LC/PC
Topology Point-to-point, Chain, Ring and Mesh
Synchronization Sync. E, 2Mbit/s
Protection  Mechanism Hardware Cross-connect 1+1 backup, control board 1+1 backup and power 1+1 backup, clock 1+1 backup
Protocol OTN network level protection: optical line protect, optical channel protect, ODUk(k=0,1, 2, 2e, 3) SNCP protection, ODUk(k=0, 1, 2, 2e, 3) SPRing protection, optical wavelength shared protection(OWSP), ASON
SDH network level protection: linear 1+1/1:N/ring MSP, SNCP, TOA, DNI, DLAG&LAG and Fiber Shared-virtual Path Protection, ASON
ASON Optical intelligent platform
electrical intelligent platform (ODUk&VCx)
End-to-end service configuration
MESH networking protection and restoration
SLA provides different clients with services of different QOS, including the diamond services, golden services, silver services, and copper services
Services optimization, migration and restoration
Service equilibrium and shared risk link group(SRLG)

Huawei OSN8800-T64 Product Features

The OSN8800 optical transmission system has the highest integration in the industry, and a single subrack can access 320/640*10G or 32/64*100G; supports massive IP service access, centralized scheduling and management, eliminating the previous assembly network of multiple subracks; It saves 80% of the floor space, reduces the power consumption per unit of bandwidth by 55%, eliminates 0DF fiber switching, and has high reliability. MS_OTN feature, unified centralized cross-board support OTN/SDH/PKT cross-connection; OTN, SDH and PKT services are flexibly combined to improve the efficiency of board and bandwidth utilization.

Single fiber 8T capacity to create massive broadband

OSN8800 equipment supports single-wave 10G/40G/100G solution, the bandwidth can be smoothly upgraded, 10G/100G can be mixed transmission, the transmission distance is industry leading; mature commercial 80*100G system, unlimited bandwidth transmission; the industry’s only-OCH&ODUk photoelectric double layer Intelligent, photoelectric linkage new model, with higher reliability.

Perfect protection function

Provide a variety of network-level protection solutions, intelligent network management based on ASON/GMPL S, comprehensive protection of line fiber and service. Provide three-dimensional equipment protection: power equipment protection, fan protection, main control 1+1 protection, fork 1+1 protection.

High reliability network, service “0” interrupt

On the basis of traditional 1+1 protection, it supports photoelectric dual-plane ASON with a structure of 9.999% ultra-high reliability. Integrated OTDR function, support online OTDR detection of fiber parameters through the monitoring board, quickly locate fiber failure points, and locate fiber degradation points.

Fast scheduling of large capacity, waste of bandwidth resources “0”

OSN8800 optical turbulence machine supports unified encapsulation and mapping of any business from 100M to 100G, to meet the needs of customers using a single network to carry various services; the transmission distance is industry-leading; 3.2T/6.4T-bit non-blocking electrical cross-capacity, supporting complex networking , Centralized scheduling of massive services; support 2/4/9/20 dimension ROADM optical cross; support photoelectric hybrid cross, flexible implementation of wavelength sub-wavelength-level business cross scheduling, rapid service deployment, reduce CAPEX. At the same time build the industry’s first compact architecture CDC ROADM (Colorless & Directionless & Gridless ROADM), simplifying the optical layer ASON node configuration.

Huawei OSN8800-T64 Product Applications

Huawei OSN8800-T64 YCICT OSN 8800 T64 PEICE AND SPECS OSN8800

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