Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module is a new 3 phases input, 15kW output digital AC rectifier.

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module Product Overview

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module is a digital 3 phase rectifier module, AC-DC rectifier module with an output power of 15kW. The module realizes the conversion of 260VAC~530VAC input and 378VDC rated output. It adopts CAN communication interface with isolated design, and the communication with the monitoring module adopts CAN communication protocol. Through the monitoring module, Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module can be rectified to realize voltage regulation, current limit, single Module switch function. The output voltage can be adjusted by the monitoring module. Moreover, It has the advantages of soft start, perfect input and output protection, low noise, parallel connection and so on. The power supply monitoring technology is adopted to realize real-time monitoring of the rectifier module and load, and the output voltage is adjusted through the background function. Therefore, Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module is used in wireless communication, data communication, network communication, server, workstation and other fields, with very high work efficiency and good stability.

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module Product Pictures

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier ModuleHuawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier ModuleHuawei R33640G1

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Product R33640G1
Dimensions 83mH×206mm(W×470m(D)
Weight < 10kg Cooling Fan cool (built in)
Input voltage 260Vac~530Vac Input format 380Vac,3 phase 3 lines
Input frequency 40Hz~70Hz,Nominal:50Hz/60Hz
Max. Input current <=32A
PFC >=0.99
THD <=3%
Output Voltage 300V DC-400VDC Nomial 378VDC
Output Power 15kW
Storeage Tempature -40-75 degree
Humidity 5%-95% ( no condensation)
Altitude <=4000m
Input OVP OVP set point: >530VAC,<550VAC
Input UVP UVP set point: <260VAC
Output OVP 392 VDC-423.5 VDC( et point can be set through control
Output SCP Short circuit protection and auto restart after short circuit removed
OTP Ambient temperature >70 degree
MTBF >500,000 hours
Noise <=55dB ( 25 degree full load)
Lighting 5KA
EMC EN55022 Class B
ETSI EN300 386
ETSI EN301 489

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module Product Features

  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • Wide input range: 260Vac~530Vac
  • THD ≤ 3%
  • Support hot swap
  • Fully digital control
  • Support intelligent electric meters
  • Control through CAN bus
  • Output voltage and current adjustment
  • LED fault alarm

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module and More Related Models

Part Number  Input Voltage  Output Voltage Output Power  Efficiency  Operating Temperature
 R4805G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  270W  94 %     -40C to +75C
 R4815G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  870W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4815N1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  1000W  94 %    -40C to +75C
 R4830G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  1600W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4830G2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  2000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4830N2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  1605W  94 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  3000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850G2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  3000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850N1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  2900W  92 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850N2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  3000W  94 %    -40C to +75C
 R48100G1  260-530Vac  42-58Vdc  6000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R33640G1  260-530Vac  300-400Vdc  15kW  97%    -40C to +75C
 R50030G1  260-456Vac  300-500Vdc  15kW  95.8%    -30C to +65C

Huawei R33640G1 Rectifier Module Product Applications

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