Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch is next-generation standard all-optical GE access switch with 24 x GE SFP ports, 4 x 10 GE SFP+ ports, One extended slot,, and 1+1 power supply backup

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch Product Overview

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch is all-optical GE access switch based on next-generation high-performing hardware and the Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP). It supports Huawei Easy Operation, a solution that provides zero-touch deployment, replacement of faulty devices without additional configuration, USB-based deployment, batch device configuration, and batch remote upgrade. The capabilities facilitate device deployment, upgrade, service provisioning, and other management and maintenance operations, which greatly reduces O&M costs. S5736-S can be managed using SNMP v1/v2c/v3, CLI, webbased network management system, or SSH v2.0. Additionally, it supports RMON, multiple log hosts, port traffic statistics collection, and network quality analysis, which facilitate network optimization and reconstruction. S5736-S24S4XC can be used in various scenarios. For example, it can be used as an access or aggregation switch on a campus network or as an access switch for Metropolitan Area Network.

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch Product Pictures

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch price and specs ycictHuawei S5736-S24S4XC price and specs ycict

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch price and specs ycictHuawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch S5736-S price and specs ycict

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch Product Specifications

Parameters CloudEngine S5736-S24S4XC
Forwarding Performance 240 mpps
Model 448 Gbit/s / 1.36 Tbit/s
Fixed Ports 24 x GE SFP ports, 4 x 10 GE SFP+ ports
Flexible Upgrade Not supported
MAC Features IEEE 802.1d compliance
Automatic MAC address learning and aging
Static, dynamic, and blackhole MAC address entries
Packet filtering based on source MAC addresses
VLAN Features 4094 VLANs
Guest VLAN and voice VLAN
VLAN assignment based on MAC addresses, protocols, IP subnets, policies, and ports
1:1 and N:1 VLAN mapping
IP Routing Static route, RIPv1/v2, RIPng, OSPF, OSPFv3, ECMP, IS-IS, IS-ISv6, BGP, BGP4+
Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) Plug-and-play of SVF clients
Automatic software package and patch loading to SVF clients
One-click and automatic delivery of service configurations
Independent SVF client running
Interoperability VBST (compatible with PVST/PVST+/RPVST)
LNP (similar to DTP)
VCMP (similar to VTP)
Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] 150mm × 710mm × 560mm (5.90 in. x 27.95 in. x 22.05 in.)
Chassis height [U] 1 U
Weight without packaging [kg(lb)] 5.2 kg (11.46 lb)
Weight with packaging [kg(lb)] 8.2 kg (18.08 lb)
Typical power consumption [W] 63 W

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch Product Features

  • Provide 48 downlink optical ports and four 10GE uplink optical ports. Based on the innovative RTU mode, the downlink port rate can be increased on demand (Only S5736-S48S4X-A/D support). With the rapid growth of services, the rate can be smoothly upgraded from 1 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, maximizing the investment on the existing network.
  • Support a broad set of Layer 2/Layer 3 multicast protocols, such as PIM SM, PIM DM, PIM SSM, MLD, and IGMP snooping. This capability is ideal for high-definition video backhaul and video conferencing access.
  • Provide multiple Layer 3 features including OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, and VRRP, meeting enterprises’ access and aggregation service needs and enabling a variety of voice, video, and data applications.
  • Support Smart Link and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), which implement backup of uplinks. One CloudEngine S5736-S switch can connect to multiple aggregation switches through multiple links, significantly improving reliability of access devices.

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch and More S5736-S Models

CloudEngine S5736-S24S4XC

CloudEngine S5736-S48S4XC

CloudEngine S5736-S48S4X-A

CloudEngine S5736-S48S4X-D

CloudEngine S5736-S24UM4XC

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch Ordering Info

Model Product Description
CloudEngine S5736-S24S4XC CloudEngine S5736-S24S4XC (24 x GE SFP ports, 4 x 10 GE SFP+ ports, 1*expansion slot, without power module)
CloudEngine S5736-S48S4XC CloudEngine S5736-S48S4XC (48 x GE SFP ports, 4 x 10 GE SFP+ port, 1*expansion slot, without power module)
CloudEngine S5736-S48S4X-A CloudEngine S5736-S48S4X-A base (48*GE SFP ports, optional RTU upgrade to 10G, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, AC power supply, front access)
CloudEngine S5736-S48S4X-D CloudEngine S5736-S48S4X-D base (48*GE SFP ports, optional RTU upgrade to 10G, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, DC power supply, front access)
PAC150S12-R 150 W AC power module
PDC180S12-CR 180 W DC power module
PAC600S12-CB 600 W AC power module
PAC600S12-DB 600 W AC power module
PAC600S12-EB 600 W AC power module
PDC1000S12-DB 1000 W DC power module
S7X08000 8-port 10GE SFP+ interface card
S7Q02001 2-port 40GE QSFP+ interface card
ES5D21Q02Q00 2-port 40GE QSFP+ interface card
ES5D21Q04Q01 4-port 40GE QSFP+ interface card
L-P1GUPG10GS57S S57-S Series, SFP 1G to 10G Electronic RTU License,Per Device
N1-S57S-M-Lic S57XX-S Series Basic SW,Per Device
N1-S57S-M-SnS1Y S57XX-S Series Basic SW,SnS,Per Device,1Year
N1-S57S-F-Lic N1-CloudCampus,Foundation,S57XX-S Series,Per Device
N1-S57S-F-SnS N1-CloudCampus,Foundation,S57XX-S Series,SnS,Per Device,1Year
N1-S57S-A-Lite-Lic N1-CloudCampus,Advanced,S57XX-S Series,Per Device
N1-S57S-A-LiteSnS N1-CloudCampus,Advanced,S57XX-S Series,SnS,Per Device,1Year
N1-S57S-FToA-Lite-Lic N1-Upgrade-Foundation to Advanced,S57XX-S,Per Device
N1-S57S-FToA-Lite-SnS N1-Upgrade-Foundation to Advanced,S57XX-S,SnS,Per Device,1Year

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch Product Applications

Huawei S5736-S24S4XC Switch price and specs huawei switch ycict

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