Center Tube Micro Cable is Air Blowing Fiber Optic Cable with perfect cable structure and high fiber density, and Accurate fiber length balance to ensure stable performance.

Center Tube Micro Cable Product Overview

As a new and mature optical fiber network construction technology, air-blown micro-cable technology provides an excellent solution for solving the bottleneck problem of pipeline resources faced by operators.
Micro optical cables can be installed in tiny pipelines without excavating the pavement through air blowing installation technology, and can also be installed in pipelines of existing optical cables, saving pipeline resources and meeting the real-time expansion needs of the network.

Center Tube Micro Cable Product Pictures

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Center Tube Micro Cable Product Specifications

P/N Fiber count Nominal diameter Nominal weight Max tensile strength Temperature
(F) (mm) (kg/km) (N) (℃)
MICROC-2G652D-PE 2 4.0±0.1 10 120 -40 to +60
MICROC-4G652D-PE 4 4.0±0.1 10 120
MICROC-6G652D-PE 6 4.0±0.1 10 120
MICROC-8G652D-PE 8 4.0±0.1 10 120
MICROC-12G652D-PE 12 4.0±0.1 10 120
MICROC-24G652D-PE 24 4.5±0.1 14 150
Fiber count Blowing machine Suitable microduct Blowing pressure Blowing distance Blowing distance
               (F)                (mm)                (bar) in 7/5.5 duct (m) in 10/8 duct (m)
2 to 12 PLUMETTAZ PR-196 7/5.5 or 10/8 15 1500 2500
14 to 24                or PR-140 7/5.5 or 10/8 1300 2200

Center Tube Micro Cable Product Features

  • Small size of optical cable: Compared with traditional ordinary pipe optical cable, the outer diameter of air-blown micro-cable is much smaller; Under the condition that the micro cable and the ordinary pipe optical cable have the same outer diameter, the micro-cable with a larger number of cores than the pipe optical cable can be air-blown in the microtube, and the core density of the pipe can be increased in the same remaining space;
  • Convenient construction: due to the light weight and good bending performance of microtubes, it is easier to manually traction and deploy microtubes than manual traction to deploy pipeline optical cables, and then the microcables are deployed into the microtubes through the air blower, which can reduce the difficulty of construction, improve construction efficiency, save construction costs and cycles;
  • Better protection: Because the construction difficulty of manual traction microtubes is lower, and the micro cables are in the microtubes during and after construction, the protection of the laid optical cables and microcables is better;
  • Reusable: the micro-cable will not be damaged when replacing the air-blown micro-cable during air blowing construction, and the replaced micro-cable can be used in other pipelines to reuse and save costs;

Center Tube Micro Cable and More Cables

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Center Tube Micro Cable Product Applications

  • Telecommunications network construction
  • Construction of communication base stations in rural and urban remote areas
  • Fiber optic access to urban residential communities and buildings
  • Security monitoring project
  • Other occasions where information and electricity are needed at the same time

Center Tube Micro Cable Product Topology

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