Huawei CE6885-LL-56F Switch is a next-generation high-performance and high-density switch designed for data centers (DCs) with 48 x 10/25 GE SFP28

Huawei CE6885-LL-56F Switch Product Overview

It is a next-generation high-performance and high-density 10GE/25GE/50GE access switch designed for DCs. The product can work with the industry’s mainstream virtualization platforms. When functioning as high-performance hardware gateways on an overlay network (VXLAN), CE6885 series switches can support the operations of a DC with up to 16 million tenants. Moreover, Huawei CE6885-LL-56F supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). ZTP enables the switches to automatically obtain and load version files from a file server, freeing network engineers from onsite configuration and deployment. ZTP reduces labor costs and improves device deployment efficiency. The product supports remote positioning. Users can turn on the remote positioning indicator through the network management system (NMS) or console to easily identify the switches they want to maintain in an equipment room full of devices.

Huawei CE6885-LL-56F Switch Product Pictures

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Huawei CE6885-LL-56F Switch Product Specifications

Parameters CloudEngine 6885-48YS8CQ CloudEngine 6885-48YS8CQ-T CloudEngine 6885-LL-56F
Downlink Ports 48 x 10/25 GE SFP28 or 48 x 50 GE SFP56 48 x 10/25 GE SFP28 or 48 x 50 GE SFP56 48 x 10/25 GE SFP28
Uplink Ports 8 x 40/100 GE QSFP28 or 8 x 200 GE QSFP56 8 x 40/100 GE QSFP28 or 8 x 200 GE QSFP56
Switching Capacity 8 Tbit/s 8 Tbit/s 2.4 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 1200 mpps 1200 mpps 1200 mpps
Reliability LACP LACP LACP
BFD for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, static route, and VXLAN BFD for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, static route, and VXLAN BFD for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, static route
Hardware-based BFD Hardware-based BFD MoFRR
O&M Telemetry Telemetry Telemetry
Netstream Netstream Netstream
IFIT IFIT Edge intelligence
Packet Event Packet Event Packet Event
Data Center Features 1588v2 TPM Minimum L2/L3 forwarding delay: 320 ns to 350 ns
MACsec 1588v2 1588v2
VXLAN routing and bridging MACsec M-LAG
BGP-EVPN VXLAN routing and bridging PFC、AI ECN
Maximum Power Consumption 326 W 326 W 176 W
Power Supply 600W AC&240V DC 600W AC&240V DC 600W AC&240V DC
1200W DC 1200W DC 1200W DC
Operating Voltage AC:90V to 290V;HVDC: 190V~290V AC:90V to 290V;HVDC: 190V~290V AC:90V to 290V;HVDC: 190V~290V
DC: -48V:-38.4V to -72V; +48V DC:+40V DC to +57V DC DC: -48V:-38.4V to -72V; +48V DC:+40V DC to +57V DC DC: -48V:-38.4V to -72V; +48V DC:+40V DC to +57V DC

Huawei CE6885-LL-56F Switch Product Features

  • The switch supports Packet Event. When a device discards packets due to reasons such as abnormal forwarding, specified packet discarding rules, a full buffer, or ACL rule deny actions, or when the latency of packets exceeds a specified threshold, the device reports related flow entries to the iMaster NCE-FabricInsight collector.
  • The switch can interconnect with iMaster NCE-Fabric through standard protocols such as NETCONF and SNMP to adapt to networks and implement automatic network management. This helps to provide more efficient and intelligent operation methods, simplifying network management, and reducing the OPEX.
  • The switch supports Artificial Intelligence Explicit Congestion Notification (AI ECN). This future-oriented function can intelligently adjust the ECN thresholds of lossless queues based on the live-network traffic model to ensure low latency and high throughput with zero packet loss, maximizing the performance of lossless services.
  • The switch uses energy-saving chips and an intelligent fan speed control scheme to measure system power consumption in real time. This can reduce O&M costs and help to build a green DC.

Huawei CE6885-LL-56F Switch Product Applications

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