Huawei CE12808 Switch is next-generation, high-performance core switch, which is designed for data centre networks and high-end campus networks.

  • Up to 2 MPUs (Main Processing Unit)
  • Up to 2 CMUs (Centralized Monitoring Unit)
  • Up to 8 LPUs
  • Up to 6 SFUs (Switch Fabric Unit)
  • Up to 8 power modules
  • Up to 13 fan modules

Huawei CE12808 Switch Product Overview

Using Huawei’s next-generation VRP8 software platform, Huawei CloudEngine 12808 Switch provides a stable, reliable, and secure high-performance L2/ L3 switching capabilities to help build an elastic, virtualized, and high-quality network. The CE12808 provides as much as 178 Tbit/s (scalable to 1032 Tbit/s) switching capacity and has up to 576*100GE, 576*40GE, 2,304*25GE, or 2,304*10GE line-rate ports.

Huawei CE12808 Switch Product Pictures

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 Huawei CloudEngine 12804 Switch ycictCloudEngine-12800E-Product-Description Huawei CE12808 Switch ycict

Huawei CE 12808 Switch Specifications

NO. CloudEngine 12804S CloudEngine 12808S CloudEngine 12804 CloudEngine 12808 CloudEngine 12812 CloudEngine 12816
Switching Capacity 30/258 Tbit/s 59/516 Tbit/s 45/258 Tbit/s 89/516 Tbit/s 134/774 Tbit/s 178/1,032 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 17,280 Mpps 34,560 Mpps 17,280 Mpps 34,560 Mpps 51,840 Mpps 69,120 Mpps
Service Slots 4 8 4 8 12 16
Switching Fabric Module Slots 2 4 6 6 6 6
Fabric Architecture Clos architecture, cell switching, VoQ, and distributed deep buffer
Airflow Design Strict front-to-back airflow design
Device Virtualization VS (1:16 virtualization)
Cluster Switch System (CSS)1
Network Virtualization M-LAG
VXLAN and VXLAN bridging
QinQ access VXLAN
Programmability Ansible-based automatic configuration and open-source module release
O&M Network-wide path detection

Huawei CE12808 Switch Features

VS implements device resources sharing on demand

  • The CE12800 provides 1:16 device virtualization capability through VS (Virtual System) technology, which virtualizes one physical device into multiple independent logical devices to meet multiple service areas (such as production areas, office areas, DMZ areas, etc.) or more. Tenants share the needs of core switches;
  • Create a secure and reliable data centre: the network is divided into multiple logically isolated areas, and single virtual switch failures will not affect other virtual switches, enhancing network security;

CSS simplifies data centre network management

  • CE12800 series switches can virtualize two physical core switches into one logical switch through industry-leading CSS (Cluster Switch System) technology, simplify network management and improve reliability.
  • Support dedicated stack signalling ports, control channels and service channels. Physical isolation enhanced reliability;
  • Supports 3.2 Tbps large stacking bandwidth to avoid network traffic bottlenecks;

High reliability and zero interruption in the whole network

  • The CE12800 series supports a maximum of 367Tbps/1032Tbps switching capacity to meet the sustainable development requirements of cloud computing data centres and to build stable network architecture for the next decade.
  • CE12800 series and CE8800/CE7800/CE6800/CE5800 series TOR switches are jointly networked. Build a large, non-blocking network platform that enables access to tens of thousands of 25GE/10GE/GE servers in a single network.
  • The management plane and control plane of each node of the M-LAG (Multichassis Link Aggregation Group) are independent, which greatly improves the reliability of the system.

Huawei CE12808 Switch Ordering Info

Basic Configuration
CE-RACK-A01 FR42812 Assembly Rack (800x1200x2000mm)
CE12804S-AC CE12804S Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12808S-AC CE12808S Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12804S-DC CE12804S DC Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12808S-DC CE12808S DC Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12804-AC CE12804 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12808-AC CE12808 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12812-AC CE12812 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12816-AC CE12816 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12804-DC CE12804 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12808-DC CE12808 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12812-DC CE12812 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12816-DC CE12816 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
Main Processing Unit
CE-MPU-S CE12800S Main Processing Unit
CE-MPU Main Processing Unit
Switch Fabric Unit
CE-SFU-S CE12800S Switch Fabric
CE-SFU04 CE12804 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU08 CE12808 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU12 CE12812 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU16 CE12816 Switch Fabric
GE BASE-T Interface Card
CE-L24XS 24-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card (SFP/SFP+)
CE-L48XS 48-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card (SFP/SFP+)
40GE Interface Card
CE-L06LQ 6-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L12LQ 12-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L24LQ 24-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L36LQ 36-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
100GE Interface Card
CE-L04CF 4-Port 100G Interface Card (CFP)
CE-L08CF 8-Port 100G Interface Card (CFPS)
CE-L12CF 12-Port 100G Interface Card (CFP2)
CE-L12CQ 12-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)
CE-L16CQ 16-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)
CE-L36CQ 36-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)
PHD-3000WA 3000W HVDC Power Module
PDC-2200WA 2200W DC Power Supply
CE128-LIC-B25 CloudEngine 12800 Basic SW
CE128-LIC-TRILL TRILL Function License
CE128-LIC-MPLS MPLS Function License
CE128-LIC-VS Virtual System Function License
CE128-LIC-IPV6 IPV6 Function License
CE128-LIC-EVN EVN Function License
CE128-LIC-FCFAL CloudEngine 12800 FCF All Ports
CE128-LIC-FCF48 CloudEngine 12800 FCF 48 Ports
CE128-LIC-TLM CE12800 Telemetry Function
CE128-LIC-MACSEC CE12800 MACsec Function
N1-CE128LIC-CFFD N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 12800
N1-CE128CFFD-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 12800-SnS-1 Year
N1-CE128LIC-CFAD N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 12800
N1-CE128CFAD-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 12800-SnS-1 Year

Huawei CE12808 Switch Product Applications

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