Huawei ETP4890 A2 Power is Embedded Power Supply DC Power Supply System 48V / 60A Power Supply

Huawei ETP4890 A2 Power Product Overview

Huawei ETP4890 A2 Power is a box-type DC power system with a wide range of application scenarios. It can be compatible with 15A high efficiency, 15A standard and 30A high-efficiency rectifier modules. Each functional unit of the ETP4890-A2 system adopts a standardized size design, and different power units are mixed to form a box-type power supply with different configurations. The system can adapt to a wide range of AC inputs and has perfect battery management and remote monitoring functions。

Subrack: 2U overall, install rectifier module space and monitoring module;

Monitoring unit: SMU01C

Input system 220 / 380VAC three-phase, compatible with 220VAC single-phase, compatible with 110VAC dual firewire;

AC input range: 85-300V, 45-66HZ;

DC power distribution: load branch open circuit 1 10A / 1P, 1 30A / 1P, 2 40A / 1P;

Battery branch 1 80A (fuse);

Can be configured with three R4830N2;

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Huawei ETP4890 A2 Power Product Specifications

Item System configurations
Power distribution unit AC input system 220V AC single-phase (default format)
110V AC double firewire
220 / 380V AC three-phase four-wire
DC power distribution Battery open 80A/1PX1channel(BATT)
Load circuit breaker   40A/1PX2channel (LOAD3、LOAD4),30A/1PX1channel(LOAD2),10A/1PX1 channel(LOAD1)
Monitoring module The following monitoring modules are supported:
1 SMU01A (1 个)ISMU01B (1 个)   I SMU01C (1 个)
Rectifier module: The following rectifier modules are supported:
      1R4830G1 (2-3 pcs) 1R4830N2 (2-3 pcs+B22) IR4815G1 (2-3 pcs)!R4815N1 (2-3 pcs)
1 Supports R4830G1 and R4830N2 mixed insertion.
1 Supports R4815G1 and R4815N1 mixed insertion.

Huawei ETP4890 A2 Power Product Features

  • Wide voltage range 85V AC ~ 300V AC1 Perfect battery management function
  • SMU01A supports the master-slave protocol, the power master protocol, and the SNMP protocol.
  • SMU01B supports point-to-point protocol for access network, and can access U2000 through Huawei access network master device
  • SMU01C supports the general electrical protocol, which can be connected to the moving ring.
  • supports LCD interface display and key operation.
  • support electronic tag identification
  • support hot swap of rectifier module and monitoring module
  • Supports mixed insertion of high-efficiency, standard-effect rectifier modules of the same capacity

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