Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch

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Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch is a next-generation, energy-saving gigabit Ethernet switch with 48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports, 4 Gig SFP, PoE+, and 370W POE AC power

Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch Product Overview

Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch is a next-generation, energy-saving gigabit Ethernet switch with 48 Ethernet 10/100/1,000 Base-T ports, 4 Gig SFP ports. The product provides flexible GE access ports and 10 GE uplink ports. Building on next-generation, high-performance hardware and the Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), it supports intelligent Stack (iStack), flexible Ethernet networking, and diversified security control. Based on them, S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC gives the customers with a green, easy-to-manage, easy-to-expand, and cost-effective gigabit to the desktop solution.

Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch Product Pictures

Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch ycictHuawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch

Huawei AP2051DN-S

Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch Product Specifications

Specification parameter
Brand Huawei
Model S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC
Memory (RAM) 512MB
Mean time between failures MTBF (years) 38
Mean time to repair MTTR (hours) 2
Availability greater than 0.99999
Lightning protection specifications for service ports Common mode ±7kV (maximum support ±10kV, equipment is not damaged)
Lightning Protection Specifications for Power Ports Differential mode ±6kV, common mode ±6kV
Weight (including packaging material) 5.6kg
stack port 48 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet electrical interfaces and 4 1000BASE-X Ethernet optical interfaces
RTC not support
RPS not support
PoE support
Rated voltage range AC input: 100V AC~240V AC; 50/60Hz
Maximum voltage range AC input: 90V AC~264V AC; 47Hz~63Hz
Maximum power consumption (100% flow, full fan speed) Without PoE: 61.7W
PoE full load: 461.8W (device power consumption: 92.2W, PoE: 369.6W)
Typical power consumption (30% flow) 42W
range of working temperature 0°C~45°C (0m~1800m altitude)
Short term operating temperature range -5°C~+50°C (0m~1800m altitude)
Storage temperature range -40°C~+70°C
Room temperature noise (27°C, sound power) Less than 48.3dB(A)
Relative humidity range 5%RH~95%RH, non-condensing
working altitude 0m~5000m
certified product Support EMC certification
Support safety certification
Support production certification
part code 98010613

Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch Product Features

  • Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch supports the SmartLink function. The S5720S-LI is connected to multiple aggregation switches through multiple links, which implements uplink backup and greatly improves the reliability of access-side devices.
  • Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch supports complete Ethernet OAM (IEEE 802.3ah/802.1ag) for fast detection of link failures.
  • Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch supports the traditional STP/RSTP/MSTP spanning tree protocol, and Huawei’s self-innovated SEP intelligent Ethernet protection technology and the industry’s latest Ethernet ring network standard ERPS. SEP is a ring network protocol dedicated to the Ethernet link layer. It is suitable for various networking such as half ring, full ring, and cascade ring. Its protocol is simple and reliable, easy to maintain, and provides 50ms fast service switching. ERPS is the G.8032 standard released by ITU-T. This standard is based on traditional Ethernet MAC and bridge functions, and implements millisecond-level fast protection switching for Ethernet ring networks.
  • Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch supports complete DoS attack defense and user attack defense. Among them, the DoS type defense attack mainly targets the attacks of the switch itself, including SYN Flood, Land, Smurf, and ICMP Flood; the user type defense attack involves DHCP server spoofing attacks, IP/MAC spoofing, DHCP request flood, changing the DHCP CHADDR value, and so on.
  • Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch supports the establishment and maintenance of the DHCP Snooping binding table to directly discard the illegal packets that do not conform to the binding table entries. Using the trusted port feature of DHCP Snooping, the S5720S-LI can also ensure the legitimacy of the DHCP server.

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Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch Product Applications

Huawei S5720S-52P-PWR-LI-AC Switch Product Applications