Huawei SMU01A Module is a carrier-class AC/DC power converter monitor module applying to Huawei Embedded Power System

Huawei SMU01A Module Product Overview

Huawei SMU01A Module belongs to the communication power monitoring module. The power monitoring is composed of a housing, an LCD panel, and multiple finished boards. It is a platform component that currently meets the application of embedded power system (C02 version). It has complete power management and intelligent battery management, and supports power protocol and SNMP protocol. Additionally, it supports user interface multi-language functions, such as English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese

The monitoring module can display the information that can be set and viewed in real time through the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The DB50 interface is connected to the sensor transfer box through the DB50 adapter cable, which can realize the functions of analog quantity detection, switching quantity detection, and control quantity signal output. When replacing the module, just move the lever to the left until the handle bar can be pulled out.

SMU01B and SMU01C cannot support WebUI feature. SMU01B supports Huawei master/slave protocols and access network point-to-point protocols.

Huawei SMU01A Module Product Picture

Huawei SMU01A Module YCICT NEW AND ORIGINALHuawei SMU01A Module new and original ycict good pirce

Huawei SMU01A Module good price ycict good price for etp powerHuawei SMU01A Module Huawei SMU01A ycict good price

Huawei SMU01A Module Product Specifications

Item Descriptions
Brand Huawei
Model SMU01A
Power rating -48V; 0.6A Max
Net Dimension(W*D*H mm) 95.5mm×208mm×44.5mm
Product Line Network Energy
Weight <=1.5KG
Working temperature -40℃~ +70℃
Working humidity 5%RH ~ 95% RH
Storage temperature -40℃~ +70℃
Storage humidity 5%RH ~ 95% RH
Functions LCD interface and Web interface

 SMU01A supports multiple security protocols such as SNMP and HTTPS, and can be connected to Huawei NetEco or third-party networks Pipe communication, flexible networking, support WEB interface operation function, realize remote management, no need for personnel on duty
 SMU01B supports Huawei’s master-slave protocol and can be connected to U2000
 SMU01C supports the total protocol and can be connected to the dynamic ring

Huawei SMU01A Module Product Feature

  • Complete power management and battery intelligent management
  • Support power master protocol, SNMP protocol
  • Support remote software upgrade
  • Support electronic label function
  • Support NetEco network management function
  • Support 8 dry contact outputs
  • Support 7-channel backup switch input
  • Equipped with sensor interfaces such as smoke detection, door sensor, water immersion, battery temperature detection, ambient temperature and humidity detection, and battery in-position detection
  • Support user interface multi-language functions, such as English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese

Huawei SMU01A Module Product Applications

Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power ycict new and original

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