Huawei SMU11B Module is power monitor module for ETP4860-B1A2 Embedded Power System supporting SNMP and WebUI and several languages to select

Huawei SMU11B Module Product Overview

Huawei SMU11B Module is a monitoring unit for site and power. It supports the monitoring management of HUAWEI embedded power systems. And can monitor and manage telecom power system, and provides site monitoring function. LCD screen and keyboard are equipped in the unit to realize man-machine interaction. It has a serial communication port to realize local and remote monitoring. It has sensor ports to monitor the ambient condition.

SMU11B is applied to Huawei 60A ETP4860-B1A2, which is an AC/DC embedded power system with excellent performance such as high power efficiency, intelligent battery management, remote management, wide range of AC/DC input voltage, etc. The system can configure 1U 30A high rectifier module, and provides 4kW output. ETP4860-B1A2 can be inserted in 19-inch rack or cabinet.

Huawei SMU11B Module Product Pictures

Huawei SMU11B Module NEW AND ORIGINAL YCICTHuawei SMU11B Module Huawei SMU11B Monitor module ycict

Huawei SMU11B Module YCICT NEW AND ORIGINALHuawei SMU11B Module price and specs new and original huawei embedded power

Huawei SMU11B Module Product Specifications

Product Type SMU11C SMU11B
Signal Input 5 DI, 1 gate,1 Btemp, 1 Etemp, 2 battery mid-point voltage detection
Alarm Output 2 DO (compatible with DI)
Communication Port CAN, RS485(northbound), RS485(southbound) CAN, FE(northbound), RS485(southbound)
Display Mode No LCD, support mobile APP No LCD, support web

Huawei SMU11B Module Product Features

  • Perform comprehensive power management and battery management
  • Grid quality detection
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Support time, voltage, capacity disconnecting protection and LLVD1,
  • Support CAN communication
  • Support north monitoring ports CAN and FE. FE interface supports SNMP and allows safe access to WEB
  • Support electronic label function
  • Support remote software upgrade
  • Support downloading historical logs and statistics
  • Provide five analog inputs(AI), twelve dry contact outputs(DO) and nine Boolean value inputs(DI)
  • Provide ports to connect to the smoke sensor, door status sensor, water sensor, battery temperature sensor, ambient temperature and humidity sensor
  • Support multiple languages, such as English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese and German
  • Support hot plug

Huawei SMU11B Module Product Applications

Huawei SMU11B Module Product Specifications YCICT