ZTE SPUF Service Board is switching and control board applied for ZXA10 C620

ZTE SPUF Service Board Product Overview

ZTE SPUF Service Board offers one out-of-band management (MGMT) interface, one maintenance serial interface (Console), and one Environmental detection serial interface (Monitor, supporting 3 digital input interfaces and 1 digital output interface) and one line card debugging serial interface (ODB). The board supports four 10GE/GE Ethernet optical interfaces and hot swapping as well. It meets low-density, remote coverage and limited room space scenarios.

ZTE ZXA10 C620 OLT is a 2U compact PON OLT device with two service slots per device. The product is designed for flexible deployment and rapid deployment of FTTx access. It supports GPON, XG(S)-PON, Combo PON, P2P and other access modes. Fully distributed switching, control and forwarding separation, network services are more secure and reliable. In addition, The optical module has built-in WDM1r, and the existing GPON service has zero impact. GPON ONU or 10G GPON ONU can be deployed on demand. Therefore, C620 meets ultra-high-speed and ultra-low latency access requirements, and meeting the application deployment of limited space in the computer room, remote coverage, and low-density area access.

ZTE SPUF Service Board Product Pictures

ZTE SPUF Service Board price and specs ycictZTE SPUF Service Board price and specs for ZTE C620 YCICT

ZTE SPUF Service Board main control unit ycictZTE SPUF Service Board good price ycict

ZTE SPUF Service Board and Related Models

Descriptions ZXA10 C600 ZXA10 C650 ZXA10 C620
Main Control Board Enhanced SFUL Enhanced SFUL SPUF
Enhanced SFUP Enhanced SFUP
Enhanced SFUH Enhanced SFUH
Enhanced SFUQ Enhanced SFUQ
Switching capacity of backplane bus 14 Tbit/s 6 Tbit/s 1.8 Tbit/s
Switching card switching capacity 3.6 Tbit/s (single switching card) 3.6 Tbit/s (single switching card) 240 Gbit/s (single switch card SPUF)
System switching capacity 7.2Tbit/s 7.2 Tbit/s 480 Gbit/s
  • Switching and control card for ZTE C620
  • Supports four 10GE/GE Ethernet optical interfaces
  • Supports hot swapping
  • High-end router architecture, fully supports L2/L3 functions.
  • Fully-distributed, separated control & forwarding, load balancing.

ZTE SPUF Service Board Product Applications

ZTEC620 price and specs ZTE OLT YCICT

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