ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light

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ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light is GPON optical terminal unit with 4GE+1pots+1USB+WIFI 2.4G &5G English firmware 5 lights

ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light Product Overview

ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light is an AC1200 dual band Gigabit Premium triple-play GPON gateway. The modem comes with 1GE&3FE LAN ports, one phone port and next generation multi-stream Wi-Fi, operating simultaneously in 2.4GHz 2×2 over 802.11n and 5GHz 2×2 over 802.11ac. Based on customer requirements, the maximum 5dBi gain antennas can enhance the Wi-Fi coverage area and improve the performance. In addition, F670L Supports OMCI function and ENG firmware, ENG indicators, ENG interface description

ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light Product Pictures

ZXHN F670L FTTH 5lightZXHN F670L FTTH price and specs ycict

ZXHN F670L FTTH price and specs ycictZXHN F670L price and specs ycict

ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light Product Specifications

Model F670L
GPON Port 1x, SC/UPC, 2,448 Gbit/s downstream 1,244 Gbit/s upstream
Subscriber interface 4GE+1pots+1USB+WIFI 2.4G &5G
Modes Bridge, Router, AP
LED Indicator 5
Wavelength downstream 1490nm
Upstream Wavelength 1310nm
Sensitivity -28 dBm
Consumption 9 W
Dimensions 205 x 120 x 28 mm
Working temperature and humidity 0°C – 40°C, 5% – 95%
Power 12 IN DC
GPON properties 8x T-CONT, 32 GEM ports
Support VLAN (802.1Q, 802.1P, 802.1ad), Multicast, QoS, DHCP Server/Client, NAT, IPv6 Dual Stack
Management Local (WEB), OMCI, TR069

ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light Product Features

  • Mature IPv6 Capability

With support for IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack, the F670L helps operators and end users to achieve future-proof network with smooth evolution.

  • Highly Reliable Features

The dual image ensures uninterrupted services during software download or upgrade, thereby enhancing software reliability. The highly reliable lightning protection design provides lightning and surge protection of 4 kV for the adapter, 1.5 kV for the POTS port, and 1.5 kV for the Ethernet ports

  • Flexible Management Modes

The F670L can be managed by two ways: one is complete OMCI complying with ITU-T G.988, the other is OMCI plus TR-069 complying with BBF TR-142 framework. Service providers can choose their preferred ways to manage the device.

ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light Product and More Models


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ZXHN F670L FTTH 5light Product Applications


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