ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH is a dual-band GPON home gateway with 4GE ports, 1 POTS ports, one USB 2.0 port, one CATV port

ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH Product Overview

ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH is an ONT designed for FTTH application scenarios. With using the ZXHN  F688 V8.0, the home users can access data, video and voice services, and enjoy high-speed Internet access. It is an ITU-T G.984 and ITU-T G.988 compliant optical network terminal (ONT) that is designed for high-end home users. It is well suited to fiber to the home  (FTTH) scenarios and supports desktop mounting. At the network side, the device supports 2.488  Gbps downlink and 1.244 Gbps uplink. At the user side, it provides four GE ports, one POTS ports, one USB 2.0 port, one CATV port,and 2×2 802.11n@2.4GHz & 4×4 802.11ac@5GHz concurrent.

ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH Product Pictures

ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH price and specsZXHN F688 V8.0

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ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH Product Specifications

Model Parameter
Model ZXHN F688 V8.0
LAN 4xGE,1xFXS,1USB; 2×2 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi @2.4GHz; 4×4 802.11a/n/ac Wi-Fi @5GHz
Buttons Reset, On/Off, WPS, Wi-Fi
LEDs Power, PON, LOS, Internet, LAN1-4, Phone, 2.4G, 5G, WPS, USB
Power Supply 12V DC, 1.5A
Dimensions 220 mm*35 mm*160 mm (W*D*H)
Net Weight 450g
Operating Temperature 0°C – 40°C
Humidity 5% – 95%
Certification CE; Wi-Fi; RoHS

ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH Product Features

  • Provide four GE ports for HSI or HD VoD services.
  • Provide one FXS ports for traditional telephone services.
  • Provide one USB 2.0 port for file storage and sharing, print sharing and user configuration file fast recovery.
  • Support 802.11b/g/n@2.4GHz & 802.11a/n/ac@5GHz dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi with up to gigabit speeds and excellent indoor coverage.
  • User can connect PCs, IPTV STBs, CATV, tablet PC, smartphones, phones, faxes, and other terminals to the ZXHN F688 to enjoy all kinds of Internet services.
  • enhances the value of operators’ networks.
  • The highly reliable heat dissipation design guarantees stable operation.
  • The dual image ensures uninterrupted services during software downloads or upgrades, thereby enhancing software reliability.

ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH and More Models


F401  EPON ONT, 1 LAN English Firmware

F411  EPON ONT, 1 L AN+ 1*VOICE English Firmware SIP

F412  EPON ONT, 2 LAN+VOICE English Firmware SIPF

F420  EPON ONT, 4 LAN+ 2VOICE English Firmware SIP

F460  EPON ONT, 4 L AN+ 2VOICE+WIFI English Firmware SIP

F427  EPON ONT, 4 L AN+ 2VOICE +WlFI English Firmware SIPZTE GPON ONT


F601  GPON ONT, 1 LAN English Firmware

F612  GPON ONT, 2 L AN+VOICE English Firmware SIP

F600  GPON ONT, 4 L AN English Firmware

F620  GPON ONT, 4 L AN+2VOICE English Firmware SIP

F620G  GPON ONT, 4 GE+2VOICE English Firmware SIP

F660  GPON ONT, 4 L AN+ 2VOICE+WlFI+USB English Firmware SIP

F660 V8.0 GPON ONT, 4 GE+2VOlCE+WlFI+USB English Firmware SIP

F660  V6.0 GPON ONT, 1 GE+3FE+2VOlCE+WlFI+USB English Firmware SIP

F625  GPON ONT, 4 LAN+2VOICE+RF(CATV) English Firmware SIP

F668  GPON ONT, 4 L AN+2VOICE+RF(CATV) +WlFI English Firmware SIP

ZXHN F688 4 GE+2VOlCE+CATV+WlFI Dual band+USB English Firmware SIP

ZXHN F688 V8.0 FTTH Product Applications


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