Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module is a digital rectifier that converts the 85~300VAC input to53.5 VDC output

Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module Product Overview

Huawei R4815G1Rectifier Module is a high-efficiency, high-power-density digital rectifier module, which realizes the conversion of 85V AC~300V AC input and 53.5V DC default output. It has the advantages of soft start function, perfect protection function, low noise, and parallel connection. The new power monitoring technology is adopted to realize the real-time monitoring of the status of the rectifier module and the load, and realize the function of adjusting the output voltage through the background. It is designed to be less than IU in height, and supports online hot-swappable design. It is easy to install and operate, and suitable for embedded communication power system such as Huawei ETP4890-A2, ETP4830-A1.

Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module Product Pictures

Huawei R4815G1Rectifier ModuleHuawei R4815G1Rectifier Module new and original ycict

Huawei R4815G1Rectifier Module YCICT NEW AND ORIGINALHuawei R4815G1Rectifier Module huawei power rectifier ycict new and original

Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Product R4815G1
Reliability  MTBF >500,000hours
Audible noises Specification <=35db(25ºC, full load)
Basic specifications Dimension H*W*D mm  40.8×95.5×208
Weight <=1.5KG
Cooling Forced air cooling
Input feature Input voltage  85~300VAC
Input mode 220VAC single phase(or 110VAC dual live lines)
Frequency 45~66Hz, rated: 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum input current <=6A
Power factor >=0.99
THD <=5%
Output feature Output voltage 42~58VDC, default value: 53.5VDC
Output power 870W(176~300VAC)
Environmental specifications Operating temperature -40ºC~+75ºC
Storage temperature -40ºC~+70ºC
Relative humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude range ≤4000m(If the altitude is within the range of 3000m to 4000m, the maximum operating temperature decreases by 1ºC as the altitude increases by 200m.)
Protection Input overvoltage protection Protection point: >300VAC
Input undervoltage protection Protection point: <80VAC
Output overvoltage protection 58.5~60.5VDC(can be set by PMU)
Output short circuit protection A long term short circuit is allowed
Over-temperature protection Protection point: ≥75ºC(167ºF)

Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module Product Features

  • High efficiency: >96%
  • Input voltage range: 85~300VAC
  • Operating temperature range: -40~+75ºC
  • Total harmonic distortion(THD): ≤5%
  • Hot-plug
  • Digital control
  • Intelligent electric meter
  • Communication over CAN
  • Adjustment of voltage and current
  • Meet RoHS requirements
  • Passing the TUV, CE, CB, UL certifications

Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module Product and More related models

Part Number  Input Voltage  Output Voltage Output Power  Efficiency  Operating Temperature
 R4805G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  270W  94 %     -40C to +75C
 R4815G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  870W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4815N1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  1000W  94 %    -40C to +75C
 R4830G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  1600W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4830G2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  2000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4830N2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  1605W  94 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850G1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  3000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850G2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  3000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850N1  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  2900W  92 %    -40C to +75C
 R4850N2  85-300Vac  42-58Vdc  3000W  94 %    -40C to +75C
 R48100G1  260-530Vac  42-58Vdc  6000W  96 %    -40C to +75C
 R33640G1  260-530Vac  300-400Vdc  15kW  97%    -40C to +75C
 R50030G1  260-456Vac  300-500Vdc  15kW  95.8%    -30C to +65C

Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module Product Applications

Huawei R4815G1 Rectifier Module new ycict NEW AND ORIGINAL