HG6243C FTTH is is an Optical Terminal Unit with 4*GE+2*POTS+WiFi

HG6243C FTTH Product Pictures

HG6243C FTTH price and specs fiberhome ont ycictHG6243C FTTH fiberhome ont HG6243C ycict

HG6243C FTTH price and specs fiberhome ont ycictHG6243C FTTH new and original fiberhome ftth ycict

HG6243C FTTH Specifications

Type HG6543C HG6243C HG6245D HG6143D HG6245P HG6245N
Dimension H/W/D(mm) 32*156*115 36.8*204*149 36.8*204*149 36.8*204*149 36.8*204*149 37*252*178
NNI Gpon Gpon Gpon Gpon Gpon Gpon
UNI 2*GE+2*FE+












WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11ax3*3)
5GHz(11ac2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2) 5GHz(11ac3*3) 5GHz(11ax3*3)
Power Supply AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V
DC:12V/1A DC:12V/1.5A DC:12V/1.5A DC:12V/1.5A DC:12V/2A DC:12V/2.5A
Power Consumption ≤10W ≤12W ≤17W ≤17W ≤18W ≤24W
Operating Temperature 5°C-45°C -5°C~45°C -5°C~45°C -5°C~45°C 5°C~45°C 5°C~45°C

HG6243C FTTH Product Features

  • Smart connection by multiple kinds of UN Is: GE/FE, POTS, Wi-Fi, CATV
  • Telecom-level reliability in hardware/software and other system design to fully guarantee the normal operation of equipment
  • Suitable for home broadband, e-governmerit and enterprise access with integrated access demands of broadband/voice/data/video etc
  • User-friendly GUI with plug-in and play capability instead of field configuration High efficiency management and maintenance with port-based mode configuration as well as port-based status query
  • Providing complete series of FTTH solutions for pure data, double play and triple play services, both indoor and outdoor types can be applied to meet the different application environment

HG6243C FTTH  and More Related Models

HG6543C  GPON 2*GE+2*FE+1*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2)

HG6243C  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2)

HG6245D  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2)

HG6145D  GPON 4*GE+1*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2)

HG6143D  GPON 4*GE+1*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2)

HG6245P  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac3*3)

HG6244C  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+1*CATV+WiFi(2.4GHz 11n2*2)

HG6544C  GPON 2*GE+2*FE+1*POTS+1*CATV+WiFi(2.4GHz 11n2*2)


Fiberhome HG6243C FTTH Product Applications

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