HG6245P FTTH is an GPON Optical Terminal Unit with 4*GE+2*POTS +WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) and 5GHz(11ac2*2)

HG6245P FTTH Product Specifications

Type HG6543C HG6243C HG6245D HG6143D HG6245P HG6245N
Dimension H/W/D(mm) 32*156*115 36.8*204*149 36.8*204*149 36.8*204*149 36.8*204*149 37*252*178
NNI Gpon Gpon Gpon Gpon Gpon Gpon
UNI 2*GE+2*FE+












WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 2.4GHz(11ax3*3)
5GHz(11ac2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2) 5GHz(11ac3*3) 5GHz(11ax3*3)
Power Supply AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V
DC:12V/1A DC:12V/1.5A DC:12V/1.5A DC:12V/1.5A DC:12V/2A DC:12V/2.5A
Power Consumption ≤10W ≤12W ≤17W ≤17W ≤18W ≤24W
Operating Temperature 5°C-45°C -5°C~45°C -5°C~45°C -5°C~45°C 5°C~45°C 5°C~45°C

HG6245P FTTH Product Features

  • Suitable for home broadband, e-governmerit and enterprise access with integrated access demands of broadband/voice/data/video etc.
  • Smart connection by multiple kinds of UN Is: GE/FE, POTS, Wi-Fi, CATV.
  • Telecom-level reliability in hardware/software and other system design to fully guarantee the normal operation of equipment.
  • Providing complete series of FTTH solutions for pure data, double play and triple play services, both indoor and outdoor types can be applied to meet the different application environment.
  • User-friendly GUI with plug-in and play capability instead of field configuration High efficiency management and maintenance with port-based mode configuration as well as port-based status query.

Fiberhome HG6245P FTTH and More Related Models

HG6543C  GPON 2*GE+2*FE+1*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2)

HG6243C  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2)

HG6245D  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2)

HG6145D  GPON 4*GE+1*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2)

HG6143D  GPON 4*GE+1*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac2*2)

HG6245P  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+WiFi 2.4GHz(11n2*2) 5GHz(11ac3*3)

HG6244C  GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+1*CATV+WiFi(2.4GHz 11n2*2)

HG6544C  GPON 2*GE+2*FE+1*POTS+1*CATV+WiFi(2.4GHz 11n2*2)


Fiberhome HG6245P FTTH Product Applications

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