Huawei CE6857F-48S6CQ Switch is next-generation 10GE Ethernet switch with 48*10GE SFP+ 6*40/100GE QSFP28

Huawei CE6857F-48S6CQ Switch Overview

Huawei CloudEngine 6857F-48S6CQ Switch is next-generation high-performance, high-density, and low-latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch for data centers. it adopts advanced hardware structure design, offering high-density 10GE port access, 100GE uplink port. The software platform is based on Huawei’s next-generation VRP8 operating system, supporting rich data center features and high-performance stacking, and the air duct direction can be flexibly selected. Additionally, the switch can work with Huawei’s data center core switches CloudEngine 16800 or CloudEngine 12800 to build elastic, virtual, and high-quality cloud era data center networks to meet the network requirements of cloud era data centers.
Huawei CE 6857F-48S6CQ is positioned for high-density 10,000 Gigabit access in data centers, helping enterprises and operators build data center network platforms for the cloud computing era, and can also be used for the core or aggregation of campus networks.

Huawei CE6857F-48S6CQ Switch Pictures

Huawei CE 6857F-48S6CQ huawei switch price and specs ycictHuawei CE6881-48S6CQ huawei ce6800 switch ycict

Huawei CE 6857F-48S6CQ 10GE Ethernet switch with 48*10GE SFP+ 6*40/100GE QSFP28 ycictHuawei CE 6857F-48S6CQ huawei CE6800 Switch ycict

Huawei CE6857F-48S6CQ Switch Specifications

Brand Huawei
Model CloudEngine 6857F-48S6CQ
Downstream port 48x10GE SFP+
Uplink port 6×40/100GE QSFP28
Exchange capacity 4.8Tbps/76.8Tbps
Packet forwarding rate 2000Mpps
cache 32MB
reliability LACP
Hardware BFD (minimum packet interval 3.3ms)
O&M Telemetry
ERSPAN Enhanced
Data center features VXLAN routing 和 bridging
power consumption 148W
Power supply mode 600W AC&240V DC
1000W -48V DC
1200W HVDC
Power supply mode AC: 90V~290V
DC: -38.4V~-72V
240V HVDC: 190V~290V
380V HVDC: 190V~400V

Huawei CE6857F-48S6CQ Switch Features

  • Providing up to 48 10GE interfaces to meet the high-density access requirements of 10 Gigabit servers;
  • Supporting up to six 100G high-performance QSFP28 interfaces, and the QSFP28 interface can be used as one 40GE QSFP+ interface.
  • Providing flexible networking capabilities; The 100GE/40GE uplink works with the CloudEngine 16800 or CloudEngine 12800 series to build a convergent 100GE fully connected network platform.
  • Supporting cross-device link aggregation M-LAG (Multichassis Link Aggregation Group), which can realize link aggregation between multiple devices, thereby improving link reliability from single board level to device level;
  • Multi-active system, on the one hand, the dual-return system realizes traffic load sharing, on the other hand, the system is multi-active, hot backup protection, and the system is more reliable;
  • Each node of M-LAG can be upgraded independently, and other nodes undertake service forwarding during the upgrade process, achieving zero service interruption;
  • Flexible networking, ordinary Ethernet, TRILL, VxLAN and IP network dual homing access can adopt M-LAG access mode;
  • Comprehensive cross-device link aggregation technology upgrades the coupling relationship of device networking from control plane stacking to protocol-level M-LAG to non-coupling final form M-Lag Lite, realizing server active-active access and zero-interruption upgrade of switches, ensuring 24/7 service uptime

Huawei CE6857F-48S6CQ Switch and More CE6800

CloudEngine 6857E-48S6CQ “48*10GE SFP+ 6*40/100GE QSFP28 “
CloudEngine 6857F-48S6CQ “48*10GE SFP+ 6*40/100GE QSFP28 “
CloudEngine 6857F-48T6CQ 48*10GE Base-T 6*40/100GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6865E-48S8CQ 48*10/25GE SFP28 8*40/100GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6881-48S6CQ 48 x 10GE SFP+ ports and 6 x 100GE QSFP28 ports
CloudEngine 6881-48T6CQ 48*10G RJ45, 6*100G QSFP28
CloudEngine 6881H-48S6CQ 48*10 GE SFP+ 6*40/100 GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6881H-48T6CQ 48*10 GE Base-T and 6*40/100 GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6870-48S6CQ-EI-A 48*10 GE SFP+ 6*40/100 GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6863-48S6CQ 48*10/25 GE SFP28 6*40/100 GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6863E-48S6CQ 48*10/25 GE SFP28 6*40/100 GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6863H-48S6CQ 48*25 GE SFP+ 6*40/100 GE QSFP28
CloudEngine 6866-48S8CQ-P 48*10/25 GE SFP28 or 48 x 50 GE SFP56 8*40/100 GE QSFP28 or 8 x 200 GE QSFP56
CloudEngine 6860-HAM 48*10/25 GE SFP28 or 48 x 50 GE SFP56 8*40/100 GE QSFP28 or 8 x 200 GE QSFP56
CloudEngine 6820H-48S6CQ 48*10 GE SFP+ 6*40/100 GE QSFP28

Huawei CE6857F-48S6CQ Switch Applications

CloudEngine 6881-48S6CQ huawei ce6800 switch for datacenter