Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch is a new-generation product launched for data centers with 64-Port 100GE QSFP28, Without Fan and Power Module offering High-performance, high-density, and low-latency.

Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch Product Overview

Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch offers high-performance, high-density 100GE/40GE/25GE/10GE ports, and low latency. By using the Huawei VRP8 software platform, The switch provides extensive data centre service features and high stacking capability. In addition, the airflow direction (front-to-back or back-to-front) can be changed. CE8800 switches can work with CE12800/ CE8800/CE6800/CE5800 switches to build an elastic, virtualized, high-quality fabric that meets the requirements of cloud-computing data centres.
In a distributed system, RoCE technology becomes the mainstream. To ensure the throughput and meet strict requirements on packet loss, Huawei ultra-fast Ethernet provides forwarding capabilities with high throughput, high reliability, and low latency for the distributed system, which is 25% lower than the average latency in the industry.
In addition, CE8850-64CQ-EI switches support Integrated Network and Computing (INC), improving the computing efficiency in the HPC small-sized packet scenario
CloudEngine 8800 provides telemetry technology to collect device data in real time and send the data to Huawei data center network analyzer iMaster NCE-FabricInsight. The iMaster NCE-FabricInsight analyzes network data based on the intelligent fault identification algorithm, accurately displays the real-time network status, effectively demarcates and locates faults in a timely manner, and identifies network problems that affect user experience, accurately guaranteeing user experience.

Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch Product Pictures

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Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch Product Specifications

Item CE8860-4C-EI CE8850-32CQ-EI CE8850-64CQ-EI CE8861-4C-EI
Maximum number of  MAC address entries 136K 136K 264K 288K
Maximum number of IPV4 192K IPV4 192K IPV4 360K IPV4 380K
Forwarding routes (FIB IPV6 128K IPV6 128K IPV6 256K IPV6 256K
IPv4/ IPv6) ARP table size 84K 84K 156K 168K
Maximum number of VRF 1024 1024 2048 4096
IPv6 ND (Neighbour 32K 32K 48K 64K
Discovery) table size
Maximum Number of multicast routes 8K 8K 8K 8K
(Multicast FIB IPv4/
Maximum VRRP groups 256 256 1000 1000
Maximum number of 128 128 128 128
ECMP paths
Maximum ACL number Ingress 2750 egress 1000 Ingress 2750 egress 1000 Ingress 2750 egress 1000 Ingress 7662 egress 2000
Maximum Number of broadcast domains 8K 8K 8K 16K
Maximum number of 4K 4K 4K 12K
Maximum number 2K 2K 2K 2K
of tunnel endpoints
Maximum number of lag group 1024/512/ 1024/512/ 1024/512/ 1024/512/
256/128/64 256/128/64 256/128/64 256/128/64
Maximum number of 2/4/8/16/32 2/4/8/16/32 2/4/8/16/32 2/4/8/16/32
links in a lag group
Maximum  number of 64 64 64 64
MSTP instance
VBST 500 500 500 500
(Maximum number of VLANs where VBST can be configured)
Dimensions (W 442*600*88.1 442*420*43.6 442*600*88.1 442*600*88.1

Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch Product Features

Zero configuration of the device, automatic operation and maintenance

  • The CE8800 series switches support the ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) protocol, which can obtain version files from the U disk or file server and automatically load them to implement field-free configuration and deployment of devices. This reduces labour costs and improves deployment efficiency.
  • ZTP function supports embedded scripting language and is open to users through Open API. Datacenter users can use their familiar scripting language (Python, etc.) to implement a unified configuration of network devices.
  • ZTP decouples the device configuration time from the number of devices and the geographical distribution, shortens the service online time, and improves service efficiency.

Collaborate with FabricInsight for intelligent operation and maintenance

  • Supports active detection of the entire network path, periodically detects the connectivity of all paths on the entire network based on the sample stream, intelligently locates the faulty node, and monitors the health status of the network at all times;
  • Support full-flow visualization, congestion visualization, and enhance the business experience;
  • Support 1588v2, global high-precision clock synchronization, accurate nanosecond delay detection

Intelligent and lossless, improving high-performance computing reliability

  • In distributed systems, RoCE technology has become the mainstream. To ensure throughput, there are strict requirements for packet loss. Huawei’s intelligent lossless data centre network provides high throughput, high reliability and low latency forwarding capability for distributed systems. The delay is 25% lower;
  • Supports VIQ technology, Huawei customized algorithm, customized virtual queue based on service, refined management, predicts congestion of uplink and downlink queues, and eliminates packet loss in the device

Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch Ordering Info

CE8850-EI-F-B0B CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch (64-Port 100GE QSFP28,2*AC Power Module,3*FAN Box, Port-side Exhaust)
CE8850-EI-B-B0B CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch (64-Port 100GE QSFP28,2*AC Power Module,3*FAN Box, Port-side Intake)
CE8850-64CQ-EI CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch (64-Port 100GE QSFP28, Without Fan and Power Module)
Fan box
Model Description Applicable Product
FAN-180A-F Fan box (F, FAN panel side intake) CE8850-64CQ-EI
FAN-180A-B Fan box (B, FAN panel side exhaust) CE8850-64CQ-EI
Model Description Applicable Product
PHD-1K2WA-F 1200W HVDC Power Module (Power panel side intake) CE8850-64CQ-EI
PHD-1K2WA-B 1200W HVDC Power Module (Power panel side exhaust) CE8850-64CQ-EI
PDC-1K2WA-B 1200W DC Power Module (Power panel side intake) CE8850-64CQ-EI
PDC-1K2WA-F 1200W DC Power Module (Power panel side exhaust) CE8850-64CQ-EI
PAC1K2S12-PB 1200W AC&240V DC Power Module (Back to Front,Power panel side air-out) CE8850-64CQ-EI
PAC1K2S12-PF 1200W AC&240V DC Power Module (Front to Back,Power panel side intake) CE8850-64CQ-EI

Huawei CE8850-64CQ-EI Switch Product Applications

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