Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power is an embedded power system that supplies power to communication devices of the –48V DC series with a maximum output current of 60A.

Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power Product Overview

Huawei TP4860 wall-mounted communication power supply product features 85 ~ 300VAC ultra-wide AC voltage input range. The efficiency of the rectifier module is up to 96% or more, and the working temperature range of the energy-saving and emission reduction rectifier module is -40~ +75 °C, 55°C output non-derating rectifier module MTBF> 500,000 hours, high reliability, support hot-swappable technology, convenient installation and maintenance, intelligent battery management and battery protection, extend battery life, support battery reverse connection design, effective Avoid safety and equipment damage caused by reverse battery connection

It Support site environmental monitoring, remote management monitoring module LCD display can be realized through dry contacts and serial ports, visual monitoring, complete fault protection and alarm functions, large information storage capacity Built-in battery, support lithium battery, built-in inverter, can provide continuous power supply for DC load and AC load at the same time, cabinet design is compact and small, supports multiple installation methods such as wall-mounted, floor-mounted, pole-mounted, etc. Outdoor wall-mounted power supply IP55 high-grade protection, Low noise and strong environmental adaptability

Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power Product Pictures

Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power ycictHuawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power YCICT NEW AND GOOD PRICE


Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Item System Specs
Frame 1U Power System
Power distribution unit AC/DC input: M4 OT terminal                                                                                                                      ●DC output: maximum support 4 channels 32A, 1 channel 16A air switch configuration                                                                                                ●Battery branch: 1 way 50A air switch Description:When the MCB is opened, the -48V (-) circuit is disconnected, and the RTN (+) circuit is not disconnected
Rectifier module A maximum of 2 R4830G1, R4815G1 can be configured (R4830G1, R481 5G1 support HVDC DC input)
Monitoring module SMU11B,SMU11C

Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power Product Feature

  • The power system supports AC or HVDC DC input. When AC input, the voltage range is 85VAC~300V
  • AC; HVDC DC input, the voltage range is 85VDC~420VDC
  • Perfect battery management function
  • Network design, SMU11B provides northbound FE, southbound RS485, CAN, and SMU11C provides northbound
  • RS485, southbound RS485, CAN
  • With communication, alarm and other functions, support remote monitoring and online upgrade
  • Support hot swap of rectifier module and monitoring module

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Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power Product Application

Huawei ETP4860-B1A2 Power ycict new and original