Huawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power is 60A power converter with 2xR4830G, 1xSMU11C or 1xSMU11B.

Huawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power Product Overview

Huawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power is an embedded power system, and supports two 30A rectifiers maximum output current 60A; and supplies power to –48 V DC telecom equipment like OSN8800 OSN3500 MA5800. This power module offers excellent performance such as intelligent battery management, remote monitoring.

ETP4860 has 2 different monitor modules: SMU11B, SMU11C

SMU11C support LIVE-C APP, user:liveapp, password: Changeme_123; support Chinese, English and Japanese

SMU11B has one northbound FE port, one southbound RS485 port, and one CAN port and SMU11B supports SNMP and WebUI

Huawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power Product Pictures

Huawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power ycict good price

Huawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power new and original ycictHuawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power good prices ycict ycict

Huawei ETP4860-B1A1 Power Product Features

  • Rated capacity: 45A/90A
  • AC input voltage: 85~300VAC, rated voltage: 220VAC
  • AC input frequency: 45~65Hz, rated value: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power factor: ≥ 0.99
  • Output voltage: 42~58VDC, the default output is 53. 5VDC
  • Access & maintenance: front operation, front maintenance
  • Rectifier module: 15A/30A
  • Cooling mode: natural cooling
  • Installation method: 19-inch rack, 21-inch rack or embedded cabinet installation
  • Operating temperature: -40~+70°C
  • Working humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensing)
  • Altitude: 0~4000m (altitude is in the range of 2000~4000m, the temperature index decreases by 1’C for every 200m increase)
  • AC power distribution
  • AC input mode: 380V three-phase/220VAC single-phase/110V dual live wire
  • AC output: not involved
  • AC input lightning protection: not involved
  • DC power distribution
  • Battery branch: 1 x80A MCB
  • Load branch BLVD: 1x10A MCB, 1x32A MCB, 2x40A MCB
  • Load protection branch LLVD: not involved

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