Huawei OSX010000 SFP+ is Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(1310nm,10km,LC)

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+  Product Overview

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+ is a new generation of 10 Gigabit optical modules. It can meet the applications of Fibre Channel 8.5G and Ethernet 10G in accordance with the ANSI T11 protocol. Huawei’s 10G SFP+ optical module is about 30% smaller than the earlier XFP optical module, and the appearance is the same as that of an ordinary 1-4G SFP optical module.

The Huawei 10G SFP+ optical module only retains the basic electro-optical and photoelectric conversion functions, reducing the SerDes, CDR, EDC, MAC and other signal control functions in the original XFP design, thus simplifying the design of the 10G optical module, and therefore the power consumption. smaller. SFP+ has significant advantages such as high density, low power consumption, and lower system construction cost. The products are widely used in the field of 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber data communication and are the mainstream products of 10 Gigabit modules.

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+ is applied in various fields as below
10 Gigabit Ethernet 10GBASE-LR
10 Gigabit Ethernet 10GBASE-LW
10 Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Base-LX
Fibre Channel 8XFC at 8.5Gbps
Fibre Channel 4XFC at 4.25Gpbs
Fibre Channel 2XFC at 2.125Gpbs
Fibre Channel 1xFC at 1.0625Gbps
Other fiber optic networks

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+M Product Pictures


Huawei OSX010000 SFP+Module YCICT Huawei OSX010000 SFP+Module PRICE AND SPECS 10 SMHuawei OSX010000 SFP+Module YCICT Huawei OSX010000 SFP+Module PRICE AND SPECS NEW AND ORIGINAL HUAWEI SFP +

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+M Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Product Part Number 2318170
Model OSX010000
Description Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(1310nm,10km,LC)
Software and Hardware Attributes Hardware
EAN 6.9207E+12
Pack Weight(kg) 0.2
Pack Volume(m^3) 0.00032
Pack Dimension(D*W*H mm) 130*72*37
Net Dimension(D*W*H mm) 110*70*37
Discount Category Optical Module
Product Line Enterprise Network
Sub Product Family Fixed Switch

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+ Product Features

  • Maximum transmission rate 10.3Gbps
  • 1310nm DFB-LD laser
  • Typical transmission distance 10 kilometers
  • 3V single voltage, TTL logic interface
  • Dual LC interface, support hot swap
  • Comply with MSA SFP+ protocol SFF-8431 specification
  • Comply with 10GFC 1200-SM-LL-L FC standard
  • Comply with 8.5G FC-PI-4 800-SM-LC-L FC standard
  • Comply with 4.25G FC-PI-4 400-SM-LC-L FC standard
  • Comply with 2.125G FC-PI-4 200-SM-LC-L FC standard
  • Comply with 1.0625G FC-PI-4 100-SM-LC-L FC standard
  • Comply with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR/LW standard
  • Working environment temperature: 0℃ to +70℃

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+ and More SFP Modules

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eSFP-FE-LX-SM1310 Optical Module-eSFP-100M/155M-Single Mode Module (1310nm, 15km, LC)
S-SFP-FE-LH40-SM1310 Optical Module-eSFP-FE-Single Mode Module (1310nm, 40km, LC)
S-SFP-FE-LH80-SM1550 Optical Module-eSFP-FE-Single Mode Module (1550nm, 80km, LC)
SFP-1000BaseT Electrical module-SFP-GE-electrical interface module (100m, RJ45)
eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 Optical Module-eSFP-GE-Multimode Module (850nm, 0.5km, LC)
SFP-GE-LX-SM1310 Optical Module-eSFP-GE-Single Mode Module (1310nm, 10km, LC)
S-SFP-GE-LH40-SM1310 Optical Module-eSFP-GE-Single Mode Module (1310nm, 40km, LC)
S-SFP-GE-LH40-SM1550 Optical Module-eSFP-GE-Single Mode Module (1550nm, 40km, LC)
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eSFP-GE-ZX100-SM1550 Optical Module-eSFP-GE-Single Mode Module (1550nm, 100km, LC)
XFP-SX-MM850 Optical module-XFP-10G-multimode module (850nm, 0.3km, LC)
XFP-STM64-LX-SM1310 Optical Module-XFP-10G-Single Mode Module (1310nm, 10km, LC)
XFP-STM64-LH40-SM1550 Optical Module-XFP-10G-Single Mode Module (1550nm, 40km, LC)
XFP-STM64-SM1550-80km Optical Module-XFP-10G-Single Mode Module (1550nm, 80km, LC)
OMXD30000 Optical module-SFP+-10G-multimode module (850nm, 0.3km, LC)
OSXD22N00 Optical module-SFP+-10G-multimode module (1310nm, 0.22km, LC, LRM)
OSX010000 Optical Module-SFP+-10G-Single Mode Module (1310nm, 10km, LC)
OSX040N01 Optical Module-SFP+-10G-Single Mode Module (1550nm, 40km, LC)
SFP-GE-LX-SM1490-BIDI Optical module-eSFP-GE-BIDI single-mode module (TX1490/RX1310, 10km, LC)
SFP-GE-LX-SM1310-BIDI Optical module-eSFP-GE-BIDI single-mode module (TX1310/RX1490, 10km, LC)
SFP-FE-LX-SM1310-BIDI Optical module-eSFP-FE-BIDI single-mode module (TX1310/RX1550, 15km, LC)
SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI Optical module-eSFP-FE-BIDI single-mode module (TX1550/RX1310, 15km, LC)

Huawei OSX010000 SFP+ Product Applications

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