Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module is 100GBase-T Optical Transceiver,QSFP28,100G,Single-mode module

Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module Product Overview

Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module supports link lengths of up to 2 km over a standard pair of G.652 Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) with duplex LC connectors. The 100 Gigabit Ethernet signal is carried over a single wavelength using onboard PAM4 modulation and FEC. QSFP-100G-FR-S can also be used in applications meant for IEEE 100GBASE-DR, such as interoperability with IEEE 400GBASE-DR4 via fiber break-out cables.

Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module Product Pictures

Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module price and specs ycictHuawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module 100G new and original ycict

QSFP-100G-ER4 huawei 100G SFP ycictHuawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module 100g sfp module price and specs ycict

Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module Product Specifications

Module name QSFP-100G-ER4
Part Number 02313HLU
Model QSFP-100G-ER4
Form factor QSFP28
Application standard 100GBASE-ER4
Connector type LC
Optical fiber type SMF
Working case temperature [°C(°F)] 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
Transmission rate [bit/s] 100 Gbit/s
Target transmission distance [km] Single-mode fiber (G.652): 40 km
Center wavelength [nm] 1295 nm, 1300 nm, 1304 nm, 1309 nm
Maximum Tx optical power [dBm] 2.9 dBm
Minimum Tx optical power [dBm] -2.9 dBm
Minimum extinction ratio [dB] 8 dB
Rx sensitivity [dBm] -20.9 dBm
Overload power [dBm] -3.5 dBm

Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module Product Features

  • Hot-swappable input/output device that plugs into a 100G Gigabit Ethernet QSFP port
  • Interoperable with other IEEE-compliant 100GBASE interfaces where applicable
  • Certified and tested on QSFP-100G ports for superior performance, quality, and reliability
  • High-speed electrical interface compliant to IEEE 802.3bm

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Huawei QSFP-100G-ER4 Module product applications

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